JGA 2012 Season Opener Results

Congratulations to the Dave Trader Jiu-Jitsu Kids team! The team brought 6 competitors to the Junior Grappling Association’s 2012 Season Opener today and came home with 13 medals and 2 trophies! Abby fought in 4 divisions today and brought home 4 medals and 2 trophies! Abby placed 1st in the…

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Dave Trader Jiu-Jitsu Kids compete in US Grappling: Richmond, VA

The Dave Trader Jiu-Jitsu kids team traveled to Richmond, VA on December 1st to compete in US Grappling‘s latest tournament.  The tournament has both adult and youth divisions.  For the adults they followed the submission only format (no points, no time, fight to the tap) and for the youth divisions…

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NAGA: Virginia Beach

Saturday, June 23rd, members of Team Dave Trader Jiu-Jitsu Kids traveled to Virginia Beach, VA to participate in the North American Grappling Association‘s latest tournament.  Siblings and teammates, Abby and David did a great job, placing in each division they participated in! Abby Ayala placed first in the expert no-gi…

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Welcome to Manassas Kid’s Martial Arts

You are just one step away from providing your child with greater self esteem, improved confidence, improved self-discipline, improved concentration and focus, leadership skills, self-defense skills, and more.

Our Kids Jiu-Jitsu, Kids Boxing, and Kids Judo programs will help build your child’s self-esteem, improve your child’s confidence and give your child a head start in life by providing them with the skills and habits of success.

These skills and habits, once learned, become a part of your child. These skills become theirs forever; to be used to achieve, to grow and to improve.

The parents of children in our programs often note these improvements after only a short time at our academy. Parents, teachers, and principals report a growth in confidence, improved self-discipline, growth in leadership skills, better grades in school, and on and on.


There is no greater gift that you can give your child than to empower them with self esteem, self-confidence, self-discipline, focus and concentration that training at Manassas Kid’s Martial Arts provides.

At Manassas Kid’s Martial Arts we have developed a specialized program which combines physical training with development of these absolutely essential life skills .  Each of our martial arts programs is based around the principle of your child’s steady and consistent improvement.  Each level of your child’s improvement is recognized and acknowledged through our belt ranking systems.  Your child’s self confidence and self esteem are developed through a series of successful experiences.  Success breeds further success.

Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu team

Through our programs, your child will learn to:

  • set a goal
  • have a plan for success
  • work hard towards achieving their goal
  • persevere until they reach their goal
  • then set higher goals

The curriculum of each of our programs is divided into small, achievable goals. When your child sets a goal, then works hard for it and achieves it, they begin to believe in themselves. Do that a few times and a person begins to feel successful.  Once again, success breeds further success.

Are you concerned with bullying in school?
Manassas Kid’s Martial Arts is the solution.  Our martial arts programs will provide you child with the self confidence to avoid being a victim as well as the skills needed to stand up for themselves.

Is your child overweight?
Training at Manassas Kid’s Martial Arts will help your child lose a few pounds through self discipline and exercise while gaining tremendous amounts of self esteem and self confidence.

Is your child not being sufficiently challenged and finding themselves bored in school?
Our programs will challenge your child, teach them self-discipline, and teach them to set goals and reach higher.

Is your child shy?
Our programs at Manassas Kid’s Martial Arts foster a spirit of teamwork and camaraderie.  Shy children will learn to come out of their shells, develop new friendships, and to enjoy life more fully.

Is you child hyperactive?
Our martial arts programs will teach you child to channel their energy and focus their attention.

Our school is one of a kind. If you’re a parent and you want the best for your child, look no further than Manassas Kid’s Martial Arts.

14 day FREE TRIAL OFFER: Come train with us and try out our academy for 14 days and pay no money. Sign up only after we have demonstrated to you why we are the best academy in the area and the only one that can completely meet ALL your needs – otherwise you pay NOTHING!

To get your FREE Trial, Drop by, Call Us Today: 703-594-6220 or simply fill out the form below:

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Everyday we help children get in shape, learn self defense, lose weight, gain confidence, have fun, and make new friends. Be sure to take advantage of this one-of-a-kind opportunity for your child.

Please Note:
Our class sizes are limited and available spots are filling quickly. Call today to reserve a place in this one of a kind program for your child.