JGA 2012 Season Opener Results


Congratulations to the Dave Trader Jiu-Jitsu Kids team! The team brought 6 competitors to the Junior Grappling Association’s 2012 Season Opener today and came home with 13 medals and 2 trophies!

Go Team DTJJ Kids!

Abby fought in 4 divisions today and brought home 4 medals and 2 trophies! Abby placed 1st in the female gi absolute* division, 2nd in the mixed gender absolute*, 2nd in her no-gi weight class, and 3rd in her gi weight class. Out of all the female grapplers, Abby had the most matches of the day and brought home the Iron Grappler award. She also won the award for most submission of the tournament. Excellent job Abby!

David competed in 3 divisions today, bringing home 3 medals, including his first ever GOLD! David placed 1st in his gi weight class, 2nd in his no-gi weight class, and 3rd in the absolute* gi division. Great job David!
Shelby had a great day as well, finishing two matches with bow-and-arrow chokes. She fought some tough opponents including two green belts, and finished off the day with 2 silver medals. Shelby placed 2nd in the female absolute* gi division and 2nd in her gi weight class.


Today was Nathanael’s very first tournament, and he fought exceptionally well. Nathanael threw one of his opponents with a Seoi Nage, and finished a match with a triangle choke from his guard. Overall Nathanael placed 3rd in his skill level and 2nd in the absolute*.

Keegan fought hard landing a takedown, and dominating the positions on the ground beating his first opponent by points. He fought a hard second match, but lost to the eventual winner. Keegan placed 3rd in his weight class in the gi.

Koen only fought in one division but did a great job, placing 2nd in his weight class in the gi.

Great job to everyone who competed and thank you to all that came out to support that team! The next tournament the kids will be participating in will be held by US Grappling on April 14th in Rockville, MD.


*At JGA the absolute division in open skill level not open weight class.

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