Chris & Jill Wilson

I can’t say enough good things about the Kids Jiu-Jitsu program at Manassas Kids Martial Arts, led by instructors Dave Trader and Michelle Welti .My wife and I were looking for a legitimate martial arts gym for our 6 year old son, Nathanael, to start his walk with mixed martial arts. We have definitely found that at Manassas Kids Martial Arts.

Witnessing the growth in Nathanael’s self-confidence, respect for others, and discipline has been amazing! Michelle has a way with kids that many people don’t; this makes her perfect for the job. As a parent, words can’t describe how awesome this is. Some people just have a gift for teaching and working with children, and Michelle is by far one of those people.
-Chris & Jill Wilson (Manassas, VA)


Joe B.

My 9 year old son attended the Kids Jiu-Jitsu program at Manassas Kids Martial Arts for over a year. It was a great experience. The instructors are great with the kids and I recommend this school to everyone. He’s more into computers/computer games so it was great for self defense as well as overall weight control and conditioning.
-Joe B. (Bristow, VA)


Shelby Cesario

Before I started Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes, I was sure I would hate them. My dad had forced me to start a self-defense class so that I would be better prepared for anything that might happen. On my first day, I looked around at all the other students with their stripes or colored belts and thought to myself, “I’m gonna be the worst person in the history of this class.” But pretty soon I noticed there were other beginners in the class and the more advanced students were very nice and willing to help us. As I started to learn the basics, I began to feel more comfortable. Eventually I started doing personal lessons with my coach, Michelle Welti. These one-on-one lessons really helped me get up to speed and improve much more quickly.

As I started learn more I started to get more into the sport, and I started to get better and better. Suddenly, I realized that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was actually a lot of fun. Eventually I started to compete in local competitions. In the last competition that I was in I received two medals – one gold, the other silver – and I also received a trophy for the most submissions by a female competitor.

On that first day of class I never imagined I would be able to accomplish so much. Thanks to the great instruction at Manassas Kids Martial Arts, plus some time and hard work, I was able to do so.
-Shelby Cesario. (Haymarket, VA)


Joe & Amy Daley

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Arturo Ayala

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Dave & Holly G.

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Claudio L.

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